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Make-up Tips for Enhancing Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are gorgeous and captivating to many people. Using the right colors, you can enhance their radiance, pop out those blues, and turn some heads. Your skin color, the kind of hue your blues are and the outfit all play an instrumental role in determining what make up you will be selecting in your […]

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Don’t’ be Afraid to go Bold with Winter Eyeshadow Colors

Choosing colors for your skin tone and eye color can be tricky. When it comes to color choices for eyeshadow, the number one rule is to test different colors and wear what you like best.  There are, however, some general guidelines as to which colors work best for certain skin tones and eye colors. Dr. […]

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New Ways to Color your Life for Winter

Winter is the time for us to subdue our color scheme and aim for more browns and grey pigments. However to me that can be boring and depressing. This winter try to spruce up your life with a little color.  Add color to your daily routine by accentuating your eyes! To brighten your eyes you […]

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