New Ways to Color your Life for Winter

Winter is the time for us to subdue our color scheme and aim for more browns and grey pigments. However to me that can be boring and depressing. This winter try to spruce up your life with a little color.  Add color to your daily routine by accentuating your eyes! To brighten your eyes you can begin with a pink eyeshadow from the inner corner to the middle of your eyelid. Then add purple cream shadow in a cat’s eye shape outward from the middle.

 Dr. Wright’s Tip:

This season we’ve got our eyes on vibrant hues. During the winter, the vibrant colors certainly perk up any warm neutral winter wardrobe. We have dramatic eyeshadows that will work in real life especially for winter. Dare to be bold embracing the various shades of pink. Pink is a color that can be bold or soft, and this winter make a bold statement. 

When you are finished with the above steps, layer a pink and purple powder shadow over the matching colors.  Using a clean brush, gently blend the pink into the purple. Then finish by lining the lower lashes with a vibrant purple pencil.  Some colors in our PREVIA COSMETIC LINE that you may like are “Whimsy” and “Dirty Love”.

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