This Time of Year is a Good Time to Correct Pigmentation

Working for a cosmetic physician like Dr. Wright has it perks and you get to know everything about anything when it comes to skin. One thing I always hear a client say is, “What can I do about my pigmentation”, or “I hate my sunspots and freckles”. I hear this mostly in the summer time. If you live in Texas then avoiding the sun is impossible. Summer is the time that people want to get out and enjoy the weather but if you are going to be outside, then summer would not be the time to start procedures to remove pigmentation. Fall and winter are the best seasons to correct any uneven color tone issues.

Dr. Wright’s Tips

An uneven complexion can be corrected several ways. It can be treated topically or it can be treated with medical facials, chemical peels or lasers. The problem with treating this issue in the summer is that the sun can make matters worse, or you will not see any difference after treatments, as sun exposure will make dark pigments darker. So, with color irregularity, the time to treat is now, while the sun is less predominant, especially if you want laser treatments.   

       Skin MD and Beyond’s Complexion Correction Treatments involve the process of evening out a person’s uneven skin tone by removing unwanted dark spots, fading melasma, removing blemishes, “broken” blood vessels, and freckles.  Other successful benefits include an improvement in skin texture by decreasing pore size, fine “crepe paper” wrinkles, acne and scarring.  The expertise behind our  exceptional and consistent results is achieved by our  Integrated  Approach which combines complexion blending lasers with tailored skin care and personally prescribed skin product regimens and individually tailored medical treatments.   So whether it is topical or laser, make sure to avoid the sun and wear sunscreen. Give us a call to find out your options for removing those dark spots.

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