Lips Can Tell All, Especially your Age.

As we age, our lips lose their pout. Our lips lose volume, become narrower/less defined and the levels of oil and water (our natural lip balm) decrease. In addition, the chilly winds of winter can cause our lips to look a little ragged.

Read on during this week as we tell you our multi-step approach to lip rejuvenation, so you can create natural, long lasting results and a satisfied smile. Try this five step approach to restore the youth in lips: 1. Replenish 2. Resurface 3. Recontour  4. Redefine and 5. Re-Color.

 Monday Step 1. Replenish: Look at the women around you, lips are back in fashion….luscious lips are everywhere. Replenish your lips using a balm with SPF during all seasons. Moisture balms should be applied throughout the day, after eating and before going to bed.

 Dr. Wright’s Tip
A good lip balm is RoC Minesol High Protection Lipstick that contains SPF 20. Make sure to apply lip balm to a smooth surface. So exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush when brushing your teeth.

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