Share the Magic Under the Sun

I am a big fan of the circus, especially when Cirque Du Soleil comes to town. If you did not know, only certain parts of their performance are performed in the same town every three years. This August they will be back in Frisco to perform Dralion. Cirque Du Soleil meaning “Circus of the Sun” originated from Canada and is packed with endless fun and entertainment. Dralion is a show that combines elements of traditional Chinese circus with Western contemporary circus. It will depict mystical creatures such as dragons. When I am at the show one thing I love to see is the make-up and the extraordinary costumes. There is so much detail in every item in this performance. Their make-up is flawless, dramatic and creative,   just like the acrobatics that they perform. Vibrant colors, clothing and style are inspired by India, China and Africa.  Dr. Wright, a native of Canada enjoys Cirque Du Soleil. So if you have not seen Cirque Du Soleil, don’t miss the performance starting August the 27th. It is one event you don’t want to miss.  You want to buy your tickets now because they won’t last.

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