Glamour Your Eyes with a Dramatic Smoky Shadow.

A smoky shadowing can make any eye look dramatic and sophisticated. Shadowing enhances the eyes and makes them the focal point on your face. To create a smoky eye, remember color and coverage. You want a color that will accentuate your eyes and not dominate them. Before creating a dramatic eye, make sure to prep the skin by cleansing, exfoliating and then moisturizing. Next apply an eye concealer, which will make the color pop and last all night long.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
When choosing an eye color to create the smoky look, best choices are deep, rich colors like blacks or browns. However, smoky eyes do not always have to be black; any dark, rich color will work. If you want to be daring, you can try purple!

1. Make sure to use a brush on the upper eyelids and into the crease.

2. Begin by applying eye shadow entirely on the upper lid and draw a line out from the center of the lower lid with a pencil.

3. Gently smudge the eye color with a hard- pressed Q-tip to get the desired look for your smoky eye.

4. You can offset the dark shade with a light color like white or even vanilla. These colors can be used as a brow shadow under the arch.

5. Now finish your look with black mascara.

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