Lips Can Tell All, Especially your Age. Tuesday Step 2, Resurface:

Resurface the skin to remove the “bar code” lines above the lips. One could try a light to moderate exfoliation such as a microdermabrasion or chemical peels to exfoliate the aging skin and allow new skin to regenerate in its place.  This new skin will be more supple and have less lines.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
When you wish to have a more advanced treatment of exfoliation to help eliminate the lines above your lips then Laser Resurfacing may be another effective way to treat this problem. After researching various lasers, our patients were most impressed with the Palomar Lux Lift.

Before introducing the Palomar Lux Lift to SKIN MD and Beyond, I conducted a study on 5 of my patients. In the study, I did the left side of the face only. (the right side was a control). The Lux Lift should be 4-5 treatments 3-4 weeks apart. When the study was completed , my patients were very pleased with the results- and they had unsolicited comments from friends/ family that they could see a difference.  This laser uses many micro channels to penetrate into the dermis causing collagen contraction and remodeling. Fine lines around the eyes and mouth both benefit from this treatment, but it can also be used most anywhere on the face or body.

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