Top Beauty Mistakes Wednesday: Obvious Lip Liner

We have all seen it…..obvious lip liner. In nature, we are all born with lips that are one color. However, many women will outline their lips with black or dark lip liner and not blend it; then, they will use a light color lipstick. If there was such a thing as beauty citations, they would receive two. One for wearing obvious lip liner and the other for not blending correctly. The object of the lip liner is for lipstick to not have slips, feathers or bleeds. However, you must bleed the lip liner into the lipstick, plus the shade of the lip liner should complement the color of your lipstick.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
Lip Liner was meant to be functional to help blend lipsticks that bleed or feather.  They are also used to make your lips appear bigger. But, dark and obvious lip liners are un-flattering to your overall appearance. When applying lip liner, you must blend the color towards the center of your lips or else you must fill in the whole lip with your lip liner and then apply a lip gloss or neutral lipstick. Something subtle that will give you pouty lips would be our Prévia Cosmetic Lip Liner Cameo. It comes in a natural shade of brown that will complement any pair of lips.  It goes on smooth, creamy and precise, making it easy to blend with any lipstick or gloss.

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