Top Biggest Beauty Mistakes Thursday; Wearing the Wrong Color of Base Shade.

To me, this is the biggest violation of them all! It is obvious when you see a line where your makeup begins. If it is not blended, that is the wrong shade for you. Foundation is supposed to be seamless. It is strange to see your neck a different shade than your face.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
The wrong foundation color is probably the biggest mistake any woman could make. Department stores and cosmetic stores have poor lighting, so therefore it can be difficult to find a shade that is right for you. Also, when your foundation dries, generally it gets darker. Therefore, you should always test the color before leaving the store. Make sure to test your foundation along your jaw line to get a close match. Allow the foundation to completely dry to make sure the color blends with the tone of your skin. Then check it in natural sun light before you purchase it.  At Skin MD and Beyond, our Make-Up Bar is situated in front of a window to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

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