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How to “Stain” your Lips!

Cant’ find your lipstick? To get a really great and quick lip stain, all you have to do is go to your kitchen. If you have a box of red Jell-O then you’re in business! If you don’t have one on hand, then you can grab a small box from your local grocer. The best […]

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Need to Spice up your Dreary Look for the New Year?

Now that Summer and Fall are behind us, Winter can seem cold and gray. To bring life to the season, don’t be afraid to add some bold color to your look this winter! A great way to do this is to start with a lovely red lipstick that also says “notice me!” Dr. Wright’s Tip […]

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Stay on Top with the Latest Fall Trends in Make-up

Make-up has been around for ages and has evolved to what we see now as something dramatically universal. Every look derives from a vision, dream, fashion show, or even from nature. We have come a long way from white pale faces with red cheeks to something as chic as metallic eye shadows and make-up that […]

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Fall into the Season with Autumn Colors in your Lipstick

Fall is finally here and therefore it means a change in weather. When the climate changes, so does our attire. We must be fashion forward and keep up with the latest trend in color. Just like we change our wardrobe, we must change our color palette that we use in makeup. Bright colors such as […]

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Don’t Know What to Do for Prom?

This week we are focusing on “Prom”. It is a time where we get primp and proper, and celebrate that school is almost over. Stay tuned to “Get the Skinny” for prom week. We start the week off with mimicking a celebrity to get the “in look”. With any special occasion, it can be hard […]

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