How to “Stain” your Lips!

Cant’ find your lipstick? To get a really great and quick lip stain, all you have to do is go to your kitchen. If you have a box of red Jell-O then you’re in business! If you don’t have one on hand, then you can grab a small box from your local grocer. The best flavor to use is Strawberry or Cherry, because they give the best natural red stain.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

It’s not that hard to “stain” your lips. Once you have your Jell-O, take a small container (with a lid) and empty the Jell-O into it and add a little water. You have several options what to use to apply the Jell-O to your lips. You can always use your finger, but if you are worried about staining your fingertip then you can use a Q-Tip, a clean eye shadow applicator or a lip brush. Once you know how you are going to apply the stain, then dab it into the container of Jell-O. Now you can apply it to your lips, but make sure you lean forward slightly when you apply it because some of the Jell-O crystals may fall downward. All you have to do is rub the applicator back and forth on your lips, just as if you were applying a lipstick or lip gloss. Try to make sure to stay within your lip line so you don’t stain the area around your mouth, giving you a Kool-Aid effect! Once you apply the Jell-O to your lips, rub them together. If there are left over crystals on your lips then you can buff them off with a cosmetic wedge or clean Q-tip. If you want more color, apply a second application. Just don’t go overboard. It should be used to color your lips and make them seem natural. The great thing about lip stain is that you can use it under lipstick as well, so when your lipstick wears away you will still have a beautifully stained lip. Once you get use to staining your lips, get creative and add a small amount of balm, and by mixing it with a small amount of Jell-O you can create a gloss-like stain.

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