Need to Spice up your Dreary Look for the New Year?

Now that Summer and Fall are behind us, Winter can seem cold and gray. To bring life to the season, don’t be afraid to add some bold color to your look this winter! A great way to do this is to start with a lovely red lipstick that also says “notice me!”
Dr. Wright’s Tip

It is well-known that a dash of red lipstick can not only brighten your look, but can also make your teeth appear whiter. Also, when wearing red lipstick, you should always remember that it will hide any imperfections (i.e. red spots) on your face. If you want a red – but not too bold then some red colors in our PREVIA COSMETIC line , like : “BRAZENED”, “FLAUNT” and “BLAZE” which are different shades of mauve to copper and have a great shimmer to them.

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