Stop Traditional Shaving- Try Laser Hair Removal!

Resolve to Eliminate the Time (And Pain!) involved with traditional shaving methods. Most women will agree that shaving is not only a time-consuming process, but also an annoying, and sometimes painful one, as well! An attractive, long term solution to this problem is laser hair removal.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Not only is laser hair removal a convenient way to reduce red shaving bumps and in-grown hairs, but it’s also the only way to effectively eliminate unsightly and constant hair growth. Doesn’t every woman dream of legs and bikini areas that are constantly smooth? Laser hair removal treatments are the only way to achieve it and winter is the best time of year to safely start.  As with all laser treatments, when choosing a facility ensure that you are provided with an in-depth consultation with a doctor available to answer your questions and concerns, and when appropriate, have test sites performed prior to your first treatment.  For any further questions, call us today to schedule your consultation.

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