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What can I expect from laser hair removal?

Men and women in the area of Plano, TX who are tired of dealing with unwanted hair on the face and body may not fully understand the options that are available to them. Many spend time and money on waxing, plucking, and shaving on a regular basis. But what if Dr. Fiona Wright of Skin […]

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Is laser hair removal permanent?

While there are many methods of hair removal available today, none of them compare to the benefits of laser hair removal. At Skin MD and Beyond, we offer Plano, TX patients the ability to target unwanted hair and treat it for good with our laser services. What is laser hair removal? Laser light is being […]

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Laser Hair Removal

With summer coming to a halt and fall right around the corner, it’s time to pack away your bikinis and shorts and bring out your sweaters and boots. And although you may not have to get in a bikini, it’s important to still remain bikini ready throughout the colder months. By still watching what you […]

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Can’t do Waxing? Try Threading!

  Hair today gone tomorrow!? For many people with sensitive skin, hair removal can be quite a challenge, and some of us have to go through a lot of effort to remove their unwanted hair. As some of the older  options like waxing, sugaring and shaving can aggravate skin, Threading has become more popular for […]

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AWARD WINNING Laser Hair Removal at SKIN MD and Beyond!

  With hundreds of competing Laser Hair Removal facilities, Skin MD and Beyond continues to earn top spot in the Frisco/Plano area for the “Best in Laser Hair Removal”. For over 15 years, Dr. Wright has offered patients the “Gold Standard” in hair removal and there are reasons why our patients keep coming back and […]

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Are you Ready to Bare it All?

  In the past, the usual remedies for unwanted hair were tweezing, shaving, waxing or chemicals. Some are painful, some are messy and all are only a temporary solution. As laser treatments have now become the “Gold Standard” method for hair removal, many men and women have turned to the expertise of Dr. Wright to […]

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Summer Skin Tips for Waxing

  The benefits of summer waxing are clear: removing unwanted facial and body hair leaves your skin looking soft, smooth, and glowing. Think about the possible upsides; Avoid embarrassing swimsuit moments with an expertly done bikini or Brazilian waxing; Free up more time because you can go longer between shaving your legs after you have leg […]

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Happy Birthday Karen!

Karen is one of our staff facial extraordinaire’s.  She is with us on Tuesday’s and Friday’s, and rotating Saturday’s. A Note From Karen: I got started in aesthetics over twelve years ago. I was in a high stress job felling tired and run down, when a friend of mine suggested that I try getting a […]

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Waxing – Is it safe?

Waxing can be a wonderful thing. It leaves the skin smooth and soft and can last for several weeks, and is less time consuming than laser hair removal.  However, you should have it re-done every 3-6 weeks, depending on which area you have waxed. To make sure you have a positive waxing experience here are some […]

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