Summer Skin Tips for Waxing


The benefits of summer waxing are clear: removing unwanted facial and body hair leaves your skin looking soft, smooth, and glowing. Think about the possible upsides; Avoid embarrassing swimsuit moments with an expertly done bikini or Brazilian waxing; Free up more time because you can go longer between shaving your legs after you have leg waxing.  Skin-baring summer fashions make waxing one of the most popular summer professional skin care treatments.  There are clear benefits to the waxing of unwanted face and body hair.  But, be safe. Pick a spa and an aesthetician who is ultra-careful and ultra-hygienic when they perform hair removal waxing treatments.


Dr.  Wright’s Tip

Technique and hygiene are key factors for safe waxing treatments.

It’s important that you have your waxing treatment done by a highly trained professional aesthetician. The two key aspects to look for when selecting a spa and/or an aesthetician for the safest summer waxing treatment are 1.  the aesthetician’s technique and 2.  the hygiene practices they use.


Expert waxing technique is really important because you want the hair removed quickly and without irritating your skin or hair follicles. The Beyond Spa is known for its premiere waxing services. Under the direction and design of my protocols, our selected licensed aestheticians engage in a rigorous program of continuous training and testing, resulting in some of the most proficient waxers around.


Impeccable treatment hygiene makes a huge difference to your waxing results. Take the time to find an aesthetician with the highest standard of hygiene practices.  In our spa rooms at Skin MD and Beyond, all of our treatments are done with the highest level of hygiene in the industry. We also take great pride in keeping our esthetics treatment room medically disinfected and sanitized so that our clients are safe. In fact, many of the tools and equipment used for our facials and skin treatments are surgically sterilized – a much higher level of hygiene than is used in other spas.


Experience that desirable Waxed Body look from the Beyond Spa. You can have your Beyond Spa package include our unique body waxing spa treatment method, which is specially designed for our clients with sensitive skin. We offer waxing services to include eyebrow waxing, lip wax, chin wax, underarm waxing, Brazilian bikini or hairless bikini waxing. Customized Bikini Waxing Available – Personalize your bikini wax so that you can show your individualism.

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