Don’t Know What to Do for Prom?

This week we are focusing on “Prom”. It is a time where we get primp and proper, and celebrate that school is almost over. Stay tuned to “Get the Skinny” for prom week.

We start the week off with mimicking a celebrity to get the “in look”. With any special occasion, it can be hard to decide what look to pull off. You want to make a statement and not be a disaster. Many girls make the mistake of choosing prom makeup which is dramatically different from the makeup they normally wear. Prom is not the time to try something new. If you want to be different, make sure you have enough time to plan out things, so if that look fails, you have time to change. However, to achieve a flawless appearance, stick with what you know, or try to mimic a celebrity that has your style and charisma.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
With all the different styles and options for prom, it can be a bit overwhelming. So when in doubt mimic a celebrity. Try to embrace a celebrity that has your style. If you are getting your makeup done professionally, make sure to bring a picture. This way there won’t be any confusion on what you are trying to achieve. The same applies if you are doing it yourself. Make sure to carry a picture so that way you will know what makeup to purchase. One celebrity I adore is Taylor Swift. When it comes to her skin and makeup, it is always fresh, flawless and natural, which is perfect for spring proms. Taylor wears makeup, but she never over does it. She keeps it simple and natural. The key to Taylor’s look is her eyes. You can accentuate your lashes just like Taylor by using mascara that adds length and volume. If you want full lashes, you can always add to the ones you have with false lashes. Since Taylor has fair skin, she should use sweet colors, like pastel pinks and purples. The rest of her makeup is all natural. Make sure to go light on the blush with shades of peach or pink, and finish off the look with a light face powder. For the lips, nudes and pinks are Taylor’s choices. In our Prévia Cosmetic Line , our lip color, “Sexy in Heels” is a great choice! However, to be a bit daring, Taylor sometimes aims for her bright red lip stick.

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