Pucker up for Fabulous Lips that will Make a Statement for Prom.

Do you want your lips to look powerful on prom night? Well I have the key to make your lips the talk of the town!

Throughout the night, you will be smiling and taking pictures, so who wants to worry about your lips. The first tip for gorgeous lips is to exfoliate. Make sure to exfoliate your lips before applying your lipstick. Exfoliating the lips gives a smooth surface and it removes dead skin and evens out the texture of your lips. You can also use your toothbrush to exfoliate!

Dr. Wright’s Tip
Make a statement with your lip color for prom. First, decide if you are going for a softer look or a more dramatic look. Reds, pinks and rose tones are great for prom. Try to avoid matte lipsticks and lip liners. If you decide to go for a darker shade, try it in a lip gloss first for a more subtle effect. Remember to outline your lips with a pencil before you apply lipstick or gloss. This will keep your lip wear from feathering. Rule of thumb, if you are going heavy on the eyes, then wear nude lip gloss or a subtle lip shade. My suggestion, try our Prévia Cosmetic Line of fabulous lip glosses. My favorite color is “CoCo Puff.” You will love the rich creamy texture that will keep your lips moisturized all night long. The color of champagne with a hint of gold will compliment any skin tone.

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