Tips to Acing Acne.

Wondering which acne treatments work? Have you tried it all? ….. from applying tooth paste to using a hydrocortisone cream to reduce your acne? Does it end up worse than when you started or do you develop dark acne scars? Regardless of your age, acne is a very visible condition that affects one’s self-confidence and esteem. Even mild acne can have a major impact! The good news is that there are safe and effective treatments available.

To “ace” acne, try to develop good basic skin care by using 4 easy steps, which are 1) keep the pores unclogged; 2) reduce oil production; 3) moisturize and protect; 4) camouflage. Every skin-care professional has an opinion when it comes to acne. With all these opinions and even more treatment options, it can be a difficult to choose an effective path. When over the counter remedies aren’t effective and acne begins interfering with your enjoyment of life, take the next step – seek professional help.  A qualified physician can prescribe stronger combinations of topical treatments.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
Acing acne can be difficult at any age; however, elaboration on the 4 basic steps will give you more insight to accomplish this task.

1. Keep Your Pores Unclogged:

Cleanse your skin morning and night using a mild acne soap or cleanser.

Exfoliate lightly. Remember this is for the non-sensitive skin. This will help improve skin texture and tone. (Acne All-in-one Cleanser,  Prévia  Purifying Cleanser)

2. Reduce Oil Production And Bacteria:

Consider brands that consist of salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide, which are both proven ingredients to fight and prevent acne. (BP Scrub, Exfoliating Cleanser)

3. Moisturize And Protect:

The products you use to moisturize with should be low in or free from oil and alcohol. (Rehydration Complex with Vitamin C, Ultra Hydration Moisturizer)

4. Camouflage:

Mineral makeup  the perfect way to cover up acne blemishes as it is (1) free of harsh ingredients, (2) does not contain skin-smoothing oils that clog, (3) acts as a natural anti-inflammatory to soothe and balance your skin, and (4) offers some protection from the harsh rays of the sun.               ( Prévia Dual Action Powder)

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