The Purpose of Antibiotics for Treating Acne.

There are certain acne breakouts that need special attention – that need to be treated with an antibiotic prescribed by your doctor, or dermatologist. These prescriptions can also help quickly during prom week.

The main reason in knowing that an antibiotic is necessary depends on how extreme the acne breakout is. There are some acne breakouts that cannot be treated with simple topical creams. The cause of the breakout can be from stress, not knowing your skin type, using the wrong skincare products, hormonal changes, etc. Whatever the cause, we want to stop the breakouts and for those that need special help we aim for antibiotics. The purpose of an antibiotic is to decrease the number of bacteria in the pimple. It not only helps with reducing inflammation but also reduces the irritating chemicals produced by white blood cells. There are two different ways to treat acne with antibiotics, oral pills or a topical cream. But remember, using an antibiotic is a temporary fix, because as soon as you stop using the medication you might find out you are back where you started.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
Antibiotics can play a major part in skincare by relieving inflammation and killing the bacteria within. Remember, before considering an antibiotic, research and get all the facts. Antibiotics are not long term; you should strive to find the root of the problem like eating a balanced meal, proper cleansing, or decreasing stress. If antibiotics are needed, there are many different options available to getting clearer skin. If you are battling severe acne breakouts, topical prescriptions may be used such as Duac or Clindagel. For oral medications, Doxycycline and Minocycline are excellent choices.

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