Transformation from Day Wear to Prom Wear.

For special occasions, don’t be afraid to go all out. Prom Day is a day to stand out and look dramatic and glamorous. For some, it is a time to be different and let everyone see how radiant you are. This is the time to make your face a little more dramatic than during the day. There are things to remember for your transformation: 1) Add drama to your eyes or lips; 2) Use a brighter blush; 3) Use an oil-control lotion.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
For your transformation day, it is time to spring out of that cocoon into a beautiful butterfly, which comes in an array of colors. With different eye colors, you can be dramatic or very subtle. For a dramatic look, you can create a smoky eye or you can down play the look by adding a little shimmer for elegance. Rule of thumb; if you downplay the eyes, make sure to add drama to the lips with a bold red or pink to set the mood.  Make sure to accentuate your cheeks by using a pop of color just on the center of the cheeks. Don’t be afraid to go all out, now is the time to shine. However, we mean to let your makeup shine and not your skin.

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