Ladies wouldn’t you like to Wake Up looking Refreshed, looking like a Beauty Queen?

Bottle of Dr. Wright's Cleansing Gel

Well this week we will provide you with the basic steps that will help you to look like a beauty queen even when you wake up. Monday – Wash your Face Every Night, Tuesday – Exfoliate, Wednesday -Repair Collagen, Thursday – Moisturize, and Friday – Don’t Forget the Eyes!

 To start your beauty regime, we begin with Step 1). Wash your Face Every Night.  I know that it is a big hassle, especially when you had a long day. However going to bed with makeup on is a BIG “NO-NO”. As humans we need to breathe to survive and that includes the same for your skin!

Dr. Wright’s Tip
If you go to bed with makeup on, you are clogging your pores causing nasty bacteria to develop and stay within the skin, which causes break outs, blemishes, and enlarged pores. So, as much of a hassle it may seem, remember to cleanse your skin morning and night. Also, remember to wash your pillow cases weekly. Each night, the residual, accumulated oil transfers from the pillowcase to your skin causing bacteria, which can lead to breakouts. Just remember it only takes a few seconds of your time to wash your face. Before going to bed, try cleansing with our MILD GEL CLEASER. This unique and refreshing cleanser gently washes away the impurities without stripping essential nutrients.  Our cleanser is so gentle it can be used twice daily, and yet remain  effective enough to be an excellent make-up remover. This lightweight cleanser will gently dissolve make up, dirt and debris, leaving your skin feeling moist and comfortable.

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