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Unveil the Secret to Enhance your Eye Color

When I am deciding what shade of eye shadow to wear, I receive my inspiration from my attire or my eye color. Your eye color is the best way to choose your complimentary eye shadow. For hazel eyes, you’re going to use a color that’s a little bit cooler like a plum or a purple. […]

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What Makeup Can You Wear with Glasses?

Many of us who wear glasses have trouble of some kind with applying eye make-up. It may be the very basic kind of problem which is that – without our glasses we simply can’t see well enough in order to have the precision required for applying eye make-up properly. Keep in mind that the glasses […]

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The DO’s and DON’T’S of Wearing Shimmer

Shimmer make-up is the way to go if it is done correctly. When I am out buying make-up, I usually overhear women stating, “I don’t like shimmering make-up”, but if it is done correctly you will learn to love it!  When I apply my make-up, I never go without adding a little shimmer to my […]

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Don’t Know What to Do for Prom?

This week we are focusing on “Prom”. It is a time where we get primp and proper, and celebrate that school is almost over. Stay tuned to “Get the Skinny” for prom week. We start the week off with mimicking a celebrity to get the “in look”. With any special occasion, it can be hard […]

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