Unveil the Secret to Enhance your Eye Color

When I am deciding what shade of eye shadow to wear, I receive my inspiration from my attire or my eye color. Your eye color is the best way to choose your complimentary eye shadow. For hazel eyes, you’re going to use a color that’s a little bit cooler like a plum or a purple. The complimentary color for blue eye color is orange. But you can use bronze, copper or gold or any color that’s a little bit warmer if you have blue eyes. A good way to remember warm and cool colors is that warm colors come from the sun and cool colors come from the water. You can use any color you want, as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. 

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Your eye color provides the palette to obtain your complimentary eye shadow colors. And when you have found the colors that work best for you, follow these tips on how to apply it. Start out by applying a primer to the eyelids which will enhance the color. Remember to always powder your lids before you put your eye shadow on, this will also prevent your eye shadow from creasing. Then, use a nice neutral color for the lid and apply this right to the lid and on top of that primer/powder. Don’t take it all the way to the brow because we’re going to use something a little bit lighter for the brow bone. Apply some color just to the tip of a brush and put it on the crease and just do a little windshield wiper movement right there. This movement helps to create a natural crease. Then use a clean brush and blend the color in just by using circular motions. When you’ve got that all blended, use a little bit of a darker color and apply that to the outer corner of the eye. Because the natural contour of the eyes is a little bit darker on the outside, this is going to make the make-up a little more natural. Then take a clean, fine brush and do circular motions to blend that color in. For the brow bone, use the lightest color that you use on your eyes. Now, use a foundation brush and clean up the sides of your eyes. It’s normal for some of your eye shadow to fall down below your top lid. Just make sure that you clean that up so that your make-up looks more sculptured and fresh.

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