What Makeup Can You Wear with Glasses?

Many of us who wear glasses have trouble of some kind with applying eye make-up. It may be the very basic kind of problem which is that – without our glasses we simply can’t see well enough in order to have the precision required for applying eye make-up properly. Keep in mind that the glasses magnify the make-up, so you should be very careful when applying it. It is very important for women wearing eye glasses to choose the right eye make-up so that their features are enhanced with elegance. Remember to coordinate the placement of make-up with your frames, keep in mind the strength of your lenses, maintain your eyebrows and lashes, and less is probably the best.


Dr. Wright’s Tip

The style and the frame of your eye glasses play a very important role in determining what will be the best eye make-up for you.  If your frames are colored, dark or thick, you will want to stick with neutral eye shadows, and strong colors should be avoided.  Apply cream, taupe or even a subtle gold-hued shimmer to your lids and lightly define eyes with brown or black liner. Glittery or frosty eye shadows compete with the reflection of your glasses, so try to avoid them.

Thin or neutral frames allow more freedom to use colored eyeshadows and liners. Also keep in mind the strength of your lenses. If you wear strong vision eyeglasses with thick lenses, remember that your eyes will appear slightly larger. A darker, smokier eye shadow with black eyeliner on the inside rim will help to balance your eyes. For glasses with negative lenses that may make your eyes look smaller, apply white eyeliner or ivory shimmer to the inside rim of lashes to help your eyes appear larger.  You can also apply a darker eye shadow on your lids and the outer corner of your bottom lashes. Maintenance of your brow and lashes are a must! Glasses sit right against the brows, so they should be well-groomed and shaped. For extra definition, fill in brows with a pencil or powder. Be careful with the mascara, your lashes should never touch your glasses. Apply just one coat mascara and make sure it is hypoallergenic. Avoid using waterproof mascara. A common problem for women who wear glasses is that eyelashes can touch the lenses, leaving small black specks from mascara. To fix this, try curling your lashes so they are away from your lenses and avoid lengthening mascara. Less is probably best, because too much make-up draws negative attention.

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