Birthday Expressions with Tianna at SKIN MD & Beyond!

It is a Special Day at SKIN MD & Beyond, today we are celebrating Tianna’s Birthday.  August the 28th was the actual day of Tianna’s birth; however we wanted to take the time to honor her on this day. So for Tianna’s celebration day we would like to discuss her skin regime. As mentioned previously Birthday Expressions, are where you get to know the person having a birthday, here at SKIN MD & Beyond, and their beauty secrets.

As another birthday comes and goes, I realize the damage I did when I was younger, by laying out in the sun all of the time. I have also had several skin cancers from the years of sun exposure. Now I am very careful and wear sunscreen all the time and a big floppy hat when I am going to be outside. I noticed several years ago how my damaged skin made me look older than I was. I am now proactive to make my skin look young again.  I recently had a treatment with our Whisper Erbium Laser which helps to remove fine lines, deep wrinkles, helps with pore size, skin tone/texture and sun damaged skin (see my picture above, I am the one on the left. This shows how I looked two days after having the treatment- a little red and the skin felt really tight).  Part of my daily skin regime is Dr. Wright’s RADIANCE to help with the dark spots on my face. It also has glycolic, which helps with improving the texture of my skin. It is good to know that even though we did things when we were younger (yes Mother was right about the sun) that there are still procedures and products that can help reverse these signs of aging!

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