Fake It with Fuller Lashes!

Lashes can make any eyes dramatic, luring, flirty or fun. Lashes can be captivating and can spice up any look. Sometimes using mascara just will not do, and many people use false lashes.   I personally use Latisse, which is an excellent product to grow your own eye lashes; however I don’t apply it as often as I should. So, when I have a major event and need a quick fix, I also  aim for false lashes. The idea of using false lashes is to make your natural lashes appear fuller, but there are steps you should take when choosing and applying false eyelashes. 

Dr, Wright’s Tip

False eyelashes can brighten up any eye shape. When applying false eyelashes you want to find lashes that are the same length as your natural lashes. Use an eyebrow scissor to snip tiny bits off each lash so they’re slightly different lengths. Before attaching the fake lashes, curl your own lashes, apply mascara and line your eyes with a dark brown or black pencil. This will conceal the lash strip. Put a drop of lash glue on a hard surface and let it dry for a few minutes. Hold the lash tip with tweezers and dip the root in the glue. Another way to apply the glue, is to use a tooth pick and apply the glue gently across the strip. Now, start at the outer corner, wedge the glue end between your natural lashes, and hold it in place for a few seconds. Once lashes are set in place, apply shadow and a second coat of mascara to blend your lashes with the fakes. To remove, wet lashes with water or an oil-based make-up remover, which softens the glue. I recommend Abolene as an eye make-up remover. It was introduce to me by Dr. Maale, an oculoplastic surgeon, for the most sensitive of eyes. This can be purchase at any local drug store, like CVS.

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