Acne is Not Just a “Teenager Thing”

You’re never too old to get acne; but it can be embarrassing as we get older. We thought we would grow out of that stage, however it still remains.  The issue is when it comes to acne and anti-aging there aren’t many skincare products that address both issues. We must first find the root of the problem. Stress, a bad cosmetic choice, hormones, birth control and other medications, or just not knowing our skin type could cause acne. Stress can come from all directions, work, home, or environmental. When we stress it stimulates the adrenal glands to overwork and causes the oil glands to produce too much sebum that can clog pores. When your pores are clogged, bacteria builds up and acne occurs. Some bad cosmetic choices can be: over doing your make-up, applying too much moisturizer, or not taking your make-up off at night -which can cause acne to flare because the skin cannot breathe.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

When we get into our 30s or 40s, we think that the days of acne are over. However, acne can come at any age; you’re never too old for acne. Once we know what is causing the irritation then we know how to treat it. Whether it is stress, bad cosmetic choices or our hormones, there are still ways to treat and fix acne. Don’t be alarmed or embarrassed; it happens to most of us.  Hormonal changes in your menstrual cycle can cause your sebaceous gland to go crazy and then your skin becomes oilier. Pre-menopause estrogen levels will also begin to fluctuate and that can lead to sudden breakouts on the lower cheek and chin areas. Birth control and other medications that create similar hormonal change can result in similar acne breakouts. Your gynecologist or family doctor can help you make the best choices to balance your hormones.

When you begin to use acne products,  seek a professional, whether it is a dermatologist or an aesthetician. They can give you better advice on your skincare needs. Using acne fighting agents like salicylic acid will help to control the acne you have. But, be cautious of what you use because certain acne agents like benzoyl peroxide can be drying, especially for mature skin that needs moisture. Remember to always moisturize even if you have acne. The issue with mature skin is that it has a harder time holding hydration and it loses essential moisture. Then the skin becomes saggy and we develop fine lines and wrinkles. Try to alternate your acne and anti-aging cleansers if possible. Also try to spot treat acne flare-ups when they occur. Products to introduce to your skin care regime would be my PREVIA SKIN CARE LINE – it was developed  to specifically address the needs of hormonally challenged skin.   For acne try my PURIFYING CLEANSER, which will get to the root of the acne and deep cleanse your pores, without stripping your skin of the essential oils.  Formulated with anti-oxidants and botanicals it will also support hormonal imbalance for mature skin.


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