Stay on Top with the Latest Fall Trends in Make-up

Make-up has been around for ages and has evolved to what we see now as something dramatically universal. Every look derives from a vision, dream, fashion show, or even from nature. We have come a long way from white pale faces with red cheeks to something as chic as metallic eye shadows and make-up that reflects light. This October as the holiday season arrives be ahead of the make-up trend and learn new techniques to perfect your beauty skills. 

Dr. Wright’s Tip

For this October make-up tip we want to discuss how make-up ideas can come from anything. Halloween is not far away so you can mimic a make-up look from a movie, a character, or a celebrity. Most of us love or hate Twilight, but we see a lot of movie and TV shows that embrace the thought of vampires. When you see a vampire you notice that they are very seductive with red luscious lips. So for this makeup tip we want to create a bordeaux lip style. Choose a sheer wine lipstick with a touch of shine so it doesn’t look too heavy. Try our Prévia Cosmetic Lipgloss in “Spunk” or our Moisturizing Lipstick in “Bitten”. These two shades are great for the Fall season and will keep you from looking undead.

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