Simple Tips for Slimming Down

We all know how to lose weight. Eat less and exercise more. Easy enough right? Slimming down can be a battle but having the right tools in your belt can make all of the difference.

Dr. Wright’s Tips

The first thing to do on your journey to weight loss is to drink a lot of water. Sometimes our body confuses thirst with hunger. If you make sure you load up with water or a zero calorie beverage you may end up saving yourself several calories in the long run! Think about adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Instead of worrying about what you can take away, try to add healthier options which you may in turn find satisfy you more than the junk. Make sure you know the difference between hunger and boredom. When you feel the urge to snack, stop and ask yourself if you are really hungry. If you aren’t hungry and you eat you will end up feeling tired and bloated. Be picky when it comes to your nighttime snack. Don’t sit in front of the TV and mindlessly shove food into your mouth. Try picking something that is low in calories or already portioned out. Remember it’s a snack…not a meal. Enjoy your favorite foods. If you deprive yourself of all the things you love, you will end up gaining weight. It is like your mind knows that you aren’t going to get that cookie so you eat more of the other food. You can enjoy treats, just do it in smaller portions and moderation. By using these simple tricks you may be surprised at the difference they can make. There isn’t a secret to losing weight; we just have to learn to listen to our body!

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