CyberSLIM – Vibration Plate Machine Workout… It Works!

At Skin MD and Beyond, you can now tone and firm your body in a fraction of the time with whole body

vibration therapy. Many studies have demonstrated that a 10 minute exercise on the CyberSLIM machine is equivalent and even better than an hour workout with conventional fitness equipment.


When NASA does a study on vibration plates, you should pay careful attention. NASA has studied vibration plate machines as a possible remedy to the muscle atrophy and bone loss that astronauts suffer while in their space voyage. Advocates of vibration plate machines claim they work because they say it can reduce your workout time by two thirds! So does it really work?


The idea behind vibration plates is that you can tone and define muscles faster by using vibration to stimulate muscle contractions. It is basically like doing weightlifting workouts without the weights! A 2009 study by the University of Antwerp in Belgium and Artesis University College collected data on obese women who followed a healthy diet and exercised using vibration plates. They lost more weight long-term, including more hard-to-lose belly fat, than women who followed a healthy diet and conventional exercise. These women also performed basic moves such as squats, push-ups, calf rises, lunges and ab crunches on the machines.


After the 6 month study, the Cyber SLIM women showed that they lost an average of 11% body fat compared to the women who lost an average of 7% with conventional exercise. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me! That is why I decided to introduce our CYBERSLIM VIBRATION PLATE MACHINE at Skin MD and Beyond. I recommend my patients try it out along with their body contouring treatments to maximize results. This machine is also perfect for those doing the HCG diet who are not able to do regular exercise while on the diet. We have seen amazing results with our patients!

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