Can Topical Creams Help Reduce Scarring?

Proud of her beautiful skinIf you’re flat out nervous about trying a laser rejuvenation system to help rid your skin of scarring or if you simply would rather find a cheaper solution, you may have started to consider topical creams. From spot treatments to night creams, here is the truth about topical face creams.

Spot cream for skin rejuvenation

If you have a few acne scars or sun spots on your face, and would like to reduce the appearance of the harsh pigmentation, you might consider getting a spot cream. When looking for a spot cream, however, choose one that contains some retinol in it. Available in small doses over-the-counter, retinol is a medical skincare ointment that helps target things like sunspots and acne scars and helps them to peel away, leaving you with new and invigorated skin.

All-over face cream

If you have severe scarring due to acne or too much sun damage, and are considering using an all-over face cream, think again. Although ideal for things such as moisturizing your skin, all-over-face creams won’t likely give you the results that you are desiring. In fact, you’d be better off with putting your money towards an intense laser face treatment that will actually give you results, than wasting it on something that won’t.


If your target area of concern is your hands or arms, then you might be considering a gel or cream that you’ve seen advertised on TV. Depending on the ingredients, and the strength of the ingredients, you may or may not see visible results. However, if the gel or cream contains retinol, like mentioned above, you may be in luck. It must be noted, though that when using retinol you should avoid any exposure to the sun because it can speed up the process of sunburns.

It can be hard to decipher between false claims and products that will actually give you the results that you want. When it comes down to it, topical creams that contain retinol will help to give you some results, whereas other ones likely won’t. Make sure that when you’re shopping for creams that you are checking the labels.

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