Got Cellulite? – Here is your Solution!

If you have those “cottage cheese lumps” then we have the solution for you!  Smooth out those dimples and tighten that skin with our VelaSMOOTH /VelaSHAPE treatments. Start now to be ready for swimsuit season!

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Cellulite occurs when the superficial fat deposits swell and push out against the skin.   Cutting down on calories, fighting fluid retention, increasing anti-oxidants and reducing toxins all help to make a difference in the fight against cellulite. While it’s not true that cellulite is stored toxins, it doesn’t mean that saturated fat, sugar, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes don’t play a role in its formation. All of these trigger free radicals and put pressure on the lymphatic system. This blockage makes it difficult for the lymphatics to flush toxins from the system. When the lymph system is sluggish, it actually creates fibers which bind to the walls of the fat cells making them thicker. In turn, this creates extra pressure on the fat “squishing” things further upwards and making the skin look more dimpled. But with our VelaSMOOTH / VelaSHAPE treatments we are able to enhance your lymphatic flow to remove toxins, break down the hardened fibers and burn up the fat inside the cells – all this will help to smooth out the dimples and bumps and help with the texture of the skin. So what are you waiting for … call SKIN MD and Beyond today to schedule your consultation!


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