Overwhelmed by Too many Facial Treatment Options?

With a good facial comes a good exfoliation. One of the best superficial exfoliation however is not even a facial – it is Microdermabrasion. And to confuse you even more – there are many kinds of microdermabrasions such as; 1) traditional crystal,  2)diamond tip, 3)hydra-dermabrasion, and now the latest  crystal free DermaSweep – which takes the features of all the others and blends it into one!

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Trust your aesthetician to make the best assessment of your skin to determine which type of microdermabrasion is best for you. Traditional microdermabrasion uses aluminum oxide crystals and suction to eliminate dead skin cells, while DermaSweep uses tiny bristles and suction to remove the top layers. Diamond tip is exactly how it sounds! It uses diamonds, the strongest stuff on earth, to slough off skin cells. The only problem with this is how to appropriately sanitize the reusable tips and the aggravation it can create. Hydra-dermabrasion uses a stream of water to remove skin cells, but it can be mild by comparison to the alternatives. Whichever method of microdermabrasion you choose, the goal is to: decrease the appearance of 1) superficial hyperpigmentation, 2) photo-damage, 3) fine lines and wrinkles and 4) shallow acne scars. As well, by removing the dead skin, your skin care products will penetrate 50% more and your make-up will go on much more smoother!

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