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Exfoliation, Circulation, Rejuvenation – It’s just that Easy!

The DermaSweep MD is a particle-free skin micro-resurfacing (microdermabrasion) system which provides a more effective exfoliation than regular microdermabrasions, and enhances your circulation as well!  With traditional microdermabrasion, many people experience crystals leftover on the skin, or find themselves hours later, cleaning particles out of their ears and hair. With DermaSweep MD there are no […]

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Overwhelmed by Too many Facial Treatment Options?

With a good facial comes a good exfoliation. One of the best superficial exfoliation however is not even a facial – it is Microdermabrasion. And to confuse you even more – there are many kinds of microdermabrasions such as; 1) traditional crystal,  2)diamond tip, 3)hydra-dermabrasion, and now the latest  crystal free DermaSweep – which takes […]

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