Feet tired? Try Reflexology

Not only can reflexology help your feet to feel better, it can also help other parts of your body. Reflexology has been around a long time. There has been archeological evidence that points to reflexology medical practices since before Christ. Reflexology started being used for health improvement in America in the early 1900’s.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Reflexology is practiced by applying pressure to the feet and hands using a certain technique and targeting zones and reflex areas that reflect the body areas. By doing reflexology on these certain zones, it is believed that it can have a physical effect on that part of the body. Some of the things it is believed to do is: helps in relaxation, reduces pain, helps post recovery after surgery, blood flow increases, has mental health benefits and can even ease your pregnancy. The overall benefit is a reduction in stress. Reflexology should never be considered to replace medical care, just to complement it. Call us to make an appointment here in our Beyond Spa if you think reflexology might be something that could benefit you. We offer a 30 minute foot reflexology or a 45 minute foot & hand reflexology.

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