Move over R2D2… now there is M22!


For many of us, scars and stretch marks are a fact of life, and everyone who has them always asks, “How can I get rid of it?” Scars are commonly caused by acne, trauma and surgery, and stretch mark scars are created by the mechanical stress on the skin from culprits like pregnancy, body building, weight gain and hormone changes. While there is considerable variation in types and degrees of scars from one person to another, the emotional turmoil this condition causes is shared by all.


Although scars may not be completed erased, fortunately many scars with time, will fade. For those that don’t, the exciting new all-in-one treatment M22 Rejuvenation Laser can minimize them considerably and even eliminate their appearance, so read on … as we unravel the mystery for you.



In the past, treating the three components of scarring (tissue remodeling, color correction and surface irregularities) required multiple machines.  It was very labor intensive, time consuming and costly for patients. So when the M22, a ALL-IN-ONE aesthetic device designed to correct all aspects of scarring was developed, I was excited to offer it to my patients.   The response and results have been received with overwhelming success!


For deep scar correction the M22 offers the ReSurFX laser. There are a few different types of resurfacing lasers that are available but not all are equally effective. Unlike other fractional devices, ReSurFX is the only true non-ablative technology that requires only one pass over the skin to produce effective results. Why is this important? Typical fractional lasers require multiple passes over the treatment area and this can overheat the skin quickly causing burns and hyperpigmentation.


The M22 also offers an advanced Intense Pulse Light device to address not only color changes that occur in scars and stretch marks, but also has special filters to stimulate new collagen remodeling to help Smooth the Skin’s Surface.


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