Lighten up your face makeup, and prepare yourself for warmer weather.

Heavy makeup during warmer weather can be brutal on your skin and your appearance. When you start to sweat, your makeup begins to melt. Spring is full of pleasure-but melting makeup, sliding eyeliner, and super sticky foundation are not among them. Therefore, it is better to lighten up the load. Just like clothing for the spring season, the same goes for your makeup. Try to aim for the following. Make time for a primer, less is best when it comes to foundation, use bronzer  for color, stop shine, and add glow, use waterproof eye cosmetics, last go sheer.

Dr. Wright’s Tip  
You can beat the heat with sheer light makeup. Make time for a primer, it will help your makeup to go on smoother. Last, but not least aim for going sheer, rich colors have their place, but it is not in spring. Remember less is best, now is the time to just use foundation in the areas to cover blemishes. Try using a tinted moisturizer, or a sheer foundation. Sheer formulas look and feel light on the skin. Then cover with a pressed powder in spots where you need additional coverage. Use bronzer to give your complexion a nice sun kissed look, plus it can be used to contour. For your T-zone area try using a matte finish powder. Try packing blotting sheets to touch up throughout the day. Also, try our MATTE FINISH OIL-FREE SPF 30. Chemical and oil-free, it never feels heavy or oily, and gives a long-lasting, oil-free matte finish- perfect to apply under makeup. Next use waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

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