To strengthen the skin from years of sun exposure, try using products with peptides.

Peptides are a key ingredient in renewing skin cells. Your skin is made up of structural tissues, cell membranes, collagen, and elasticity. Collagen is the foundation that gives our skin support. Collagen is a protein, which is a formulation of peptides, and peptides are useful for smoothing out wrinkles. As we age, collagen is destroyed, however we can improve what we have by building up the collagen with peptides. When applying peptides on the skin, it forces the skin to produce new collagen. Over time, the sun plays havoc on the skin, by destroying collagen, and skin cells that gives the skin its firmness.  Protect your skin and invest in a moisturizer or skin treatment that will help build up the skin’s firmness, which will smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

Dr. Wright Tip
Get the youthful skin you want, by using peptides. Try our moisturizing treatment called Renew. Let nature work its magic with this potent anti-aging moisturizer!  This hydrating serum represents our most concentrated formula of peptide technology with B-glucan, a powerful anti-oxidant.  It enables the skin to resist stress by enhancing the skin’s immune system while restoring vitality and hydration as well as skin cell turnover.   This intensive treatment not only provides essential hydration, but was designed to provide protection from environment damage to keep the skin balanced, smooth and younger looking with up to 45% wrinkle reduction.

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