Happy Birthday Dr. Tim!

  Fun Day!

Today is a special day at Skin MD and Beyond – as we are celebrating Dr. Tim’s Birthday.  Although his birthday was on August 25th, we are celebrating it today – as the Drs. Wright just returned from a Birthday Celebration in San Diego and La Jolla.  Looking great Dr. T for 49!!!

From Dr. Tim Wright:

Fiona and I had a great time celebrating my birthday in California.  Oysters and Champagne as appetizers for your birthday dinner in La Jolla – it can’t get much better than that!  I would also like to send out a big “thank you” to Stew (bartender) and Byron (waiter) who showed us a terrific time at Eddie V’s Restaurant.

As a point of interest for everyone, I thought you would like to know what a man’s “travel essential” skincare products are when vacationing in the sun.   I always take my travel size bottles which Fiona has developed for all her patients – filled with Fiona Wright MD Skincare EXFOLIATING CLEANSER, MILD GEL CLEANSER and REHYDRATION COMPLEX with VITAMIN C.   Fiona’s Rehydration Complex is a great light weight hydrator, which helps from the drying effects of airplane travel.   I also like to take her RENEW, which is a terrific anti-aging serum that does not leave my skin feeling heavy – which is a must for every man!  The last step would be sunscreen.  My number one choice is Fiona Wright MD skincare MATTE FINISH SPF 30.  This sunscreen is oil-free, light weight and with an SPF 30, it provides great protection against the sun.  It also has a zinc concentration of 17% which helps calm down my rosacea, which can flare from sun exposure.  I am happy to report that our sunscreen worked great – and both of us came back with no sunburn or tan! 

 Cheers, Dr. Tim Wright

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