Dr. Tim’s Skin Tip!









Today is Dr. Tim’s birthday and as usual, I always like to highlight this special day with a Big Birthday shout-out from all the staff at Skin MD and Beyond.  Although he is over 50 – he certainly does not look it! So, I asked him to tell us all – what his Fountain of Youth secrets are… so read on and find out how you and your man can look younger too!

Dr. Tim:

What do men really want? That’s a loaded question for which there is no answer, but in terms of skin care, men want simplicity.  So, I have a few “go-to” products to help me with my rosacea (facial redness), my constant battle with shaving issues, such as ingrown hairs, dryness and razor burn, all while fighting off Father Time.


To help create a smooth and close shave, I exfoliate first with our EXFOLIATING CLEANSER.  The smooth exfoliating beads in this cleanser are effective enough to remove dead skin and debris while being gentle enough to use every day.


My next step is to rehydrate my skin with REHYDRATION COMPLEX with Vitamin C. It will work to strengthen, restore and rebuild the skin’s moisture levels which is the first step needed to create a youthful skin tone.


The last two steps are Correction and Protection.  I apply REPARATIF Oil-Free Lotion twice daily as it is loaded with potent anti-aging ingredients – yet also has soothing botanicals that will not flare my rosacea.  It is light-weight and fast-absorbing, two things that are a must for a man!  Although ideal for people who suffer with rosacea, it is also one of our clinic favorites for our acne prone patients too!


My finishing a treatment is protection with our MATTE FINISH Oil-Free SPF 45.  The high levels of 17% Zinc is essential to shield my skin from the damaging elements, such as wind, sun and other pollutants.  The high levels also will decrease inflammation to help calm and protect my skin from rosacea and acne. Zinc oxide is also proven to guard against free-radical damage, nourish the skin and prevent premature aging.  Keep in mind too, free radical exposure, in combination with their naturally low antioxidant levels of aging skin, will lead to deeper wrinkles, brown spots and slack skin.

So my four simple skincare step are Exfoliate, Hydrate, Correct and Protect, and with Fiona Wright MD Skincare I get a results-oriented treatments and hard-working simplicity.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX