Don’t Hide Your Hands! Rejuvenate Them!


Because hands are often ignored in the average woman’s skin treatment and regime, hands down, our hands give our age away before our faces do.  No woman wants to betray her true age with a simple hand shake or causal gesture.

Luckily, there are several skin treatments available to rejuvenate hands and restore the youthful color and contour we once had! Whether you have wrinkles, age and brown spots, dry and rough skin or transparent thin skin and bulging veins, these can all be corrected through the appropriate treatment.

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Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

My celebrity patients often ask me how they can keep their hands looking young and pretty. Hands are exposed to the environment and the sun every day, causing the skin on the skin back of the hands to become thinner and age more quickly than other parts of the body.  In the public eye, many focus on keeping their face young and radiant – but their hands can look weathered, and will give way their real

age! I have assembled a range of different treatments to treat the appearance of your hands and fight the ongoing war on aging.


If your hands are DRY and CRACKED, keep a tube of hand cream in your bag, on your desk, and near the bathroom sink. Chronic chapping and cracking can lead to scars, so reapply frequently to prevent long-term damage.  I recommend my GREEN TEA MOISTURIZING LOTIONThis silky, fast-absorbing daily hand and body lotion delivers long-lasting comfort instantly to dry skin, while restoring and maintain healthy skin and  preventing moisture loss.   Specially formulated to deliver a potent blend of the nourishing and protective anti-oxidant Green Tea, and the soothing properties of Bisabolol.


If you wash your hands frequently and cream isn’t enough, consider getting a paraffin treatment to keep your skin soft. Or rub in a few drops of oil and wrap your hands in a warm towel for 5 to 10 minutes.


If you have BROWN SPOTS on the backs of your hands, remember to apply sunscreen whenever you’ll be outside and when you’re driving. Skin-lightening creams that are designed for facial spots (like RADIANCE or COMPLEXION CORRECTION LOTION ) can help fade them. For stubborn spots, I give patients my own compounded prescription-strength fade cream, and I may use a laser,  or a chemical peel solution for the best results.

If your SKIN IS THIN, use a retinoid-containing product (AVENE RETRINAL, my FLAWLESS CORECTION PADS or prescription-strength tretinoin) to boost collagen production and fight crepiness.  As well, a series of Laser Resurfacing treatments can help with texture, brown spots, and stimulate your own collagen.


If your hands have PROMINENT BONES AND VEINS , they may need the help of An injectable filler.  By placing JUVEDERM or RADIESSE into the soft tissues you can camouflage the bones and tendons and restore youthful plumpness and elegance to your hands.


There are many options to choose from, and in your consultation, we discuss your expectations in order to determine which combination of treatments will deliver the results you want.

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