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Happy Birthday Diana!

Hi! My name is Diana Michelle Guerra, and I am passionate about the skin, skincare and preserving the skin against aging.  I recently graduated from Paul Mitchell School of Dallas, where I gained a lot of the knowledge that has set the foundation for me at Skin MD & Beyond.  I am especially passionate for […]

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Happy Birthday Channing!

My skincare regimen is the BP Scrub every morning, and sometimes I switch to the Exfoliating Cleanser depending on how dry or oily my skin feels.  When I’m dry I use Exfoliating Cleanser.  I also use the Eye Quench, Rehydration Complex with Vitamin C, Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer, and of course, my SPF Chemical Free Matte […]

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Happy Birthday Karen!

Karen is one of our staff facial extraordinaire’s.  She is with us on Tuesday’s and Friday’s, and rotating Saturday’s. A Note From Karen: I got started in aesthetics over twelve years ago. I was in a high stress job felling tired and run down, when a friend of mine suggested that I try getting a […]

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Happy Birthday Dr. Tim!

  Fun Day! Today is a special day at Skin MD and Beyond – as we are celebrating Dr. Tim’s Birthday.  Although his birthday was on August 25th, we are celebrating it today – as the Drs. Wright just returned from a Birthday Celebration in San Diego and La Jolla.  Looking great Dr. T for […]

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