Happy Birthday Diana!

Hi! My name is Diana Michelle Guerra, and I am passionate about the skin, skincare and preserving the skin against aging.  I recently graduated from Paul Mitchell School of Dallas, where I gained a lot of the knowledge that has set the foundation for me at Skin MD & Beyond.  I am especially passionate for patients dealing with Acne.  When I was younger I remember trying so many different things to control my acne, and I know how frustrating it can be!  Now that I’m getting older, my biggest concern is keeping my skin looking youthful, so I love learning about the products and ingredients that help meet this goal!

I am also a make-up artist! How fun! I find it so rewarding after doing a clients make up and they have “the look” on their face of, “I feel so pretty!”  This makes it all worth while.  It is so interesting how a little make up can lift a persons spirit! I also love how contouring a persons face in just the right spots can help achieve very different looks!  It’s amazing all that a little make up can do!

– Diana

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX