DermaSweep with Dermal Infusion can give your Skin Essential Nutrients

We take vitamins because we know that they are beneficial to provide the body with the essential nutrients it needs from the inside out. However, there are studies to prove that we also need nutrients for our skin from the outside in. This makes me begin to think about what products I am using and the questions that pop into my head are, “Am I caring for my skin the best that I can?”, “Are my products really working?” And, at some point, everyone’s skin begins to slow down and exfoliation becomes more important. So to find a solution to treat both, Skin MD and Beyond offers the DermaSweep – which combines Exfoliation with an Epi-Infusion of Vitamin C and other essential vitamins. If you are like me and not getting the results from your skin care products then this treatment may be your answer!

Dr. Wright’s Tip

DERMASWEEP EPI-INFUSION TREATMENTS combine exfoliation with the delivery of skin specific topical solutions, which result in a fresher feeling and better looking skin! This revolutionary system, available only to licensed medical doctors, combines precision brush tip bristles of varying coarseness for exfoliation, and topical solutions known as Epi-Infusion Treatments. Epi-Infusions deliver medical grade solutions formulated to treat specific dermatologic conditions including acne and hyper pigmentation, and rehydration.  DermaSweep MD  offers efficacious and comfortable skin treatments  with patented technology  to achieve a remarkable degree of improvement in the skin texture, tone and radiance.

With DermaSweep Epi-Infusion it is a treatment that requires an infusion bag to actively penetrate deep into the skin. Where, usual facial masks will slowly penetrate  by passive diffusion.  The Epi-Infusion bag designed to hydrate and increase the immune system is loaded with Vitamin C and other essential vitamins for the skin. Next time you are having your treatment at the clinic, ask about our Intensive DermaSweep Infusion with Vitamin C!  My aestheticians can customize the solution to fit your skin type, and you will see a difference after only one treatment!

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