Pick the Right Foundation for a Perfect Complexion

Most people know that the wrong foundation can add problems to your skin. If you are dry, try a moisturizing one – powder may seem ashy.  Oily? Look for “oil-free” on the label.  If you have sensitive skin, try a mineral makeup. But, if you want one that may look after all three then choose one with infused Oxygen.  Dr. Wright carries a medical grade foundation that can help with all skin types – Oxygenetix.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Oxygen infused foundations provide formulations of make-up that are also non-comedogenic and that can also be helpful for the skin even though they are not mineral formulations.  OXYGENETIX FOUNDATION is a revolutionary make-up mostly used for sensitive skin following cosmetic procedures. It is a light, breathable formula that can hydrate dry irritated skin. It can be used on people who suffer with acne, rosacea and sensitive dry skin. Formulated with an aloe gel, it features pro-healing patent pending ceravitae, the breathable, oxygen enrich foundation. It not only speeds up skin cell production but it also protects the skin with sunscreen SPF of 25%

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