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Woman Body In Bikini. Long Legs With Smooth Skin In Summer

What can be done about cellulite?

Cellulite is a common problem for many women. It doesn’t discriminate against age, weight, or race, and this cottage cheese “dimpling” is bothersome for most. The texture that develops due to fat pockets pushing through tight fibers of the thighs and buttocks can cause women to feel embarrassed when wearing revealing clothing such as shorts, […]

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Enjoy treatment of cellulite using VelaSMOOTH

Cellulite is a common concern for many women. This dimpling of the skin can make individuals feel self-conscious about how they look, especially when wearing shorts, skirts, or bathing suits. Dr. Fiona Wright of Skin MD and Beyond is excited to provide patients with options for treating cellulite, especially treatments that are minimally invasive such […]

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Smooth Cellulite with VelaShape!

Any woman who has noticed rippling, dimpling, puckering skin on her body has had the unnerving experience of cellulite. This natural condition has very little to do with weight, but it sure can make you feel uncomfortable about looking heavier and less healthy. Yes, there are fat cells involved in the development and longevity of […]

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Cellulite Getting You Down? 3 Foods to Avoid

Cellulite is any woman’s worst nightmare. And no matter how skinny you are or how in shape you are, cellulite is something that you sometimes can’t avoid— no matter how hard you try. If you notice that you have cellulite and cellulite creams simply aren’t cutting it, it may be time to look at your […]

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Cellulite Creams: Are they worth it?

If you’re one of those women who jumps to dial the phone during an infomercial, because the products being sold sound too good to be true, they just might be. Similar to the marketing techniques used in infomercials, the beauty industry tends to have the same affect on individuals everywhere. With creams claiming to get […]

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Don’t Let Cellulite Get You Down: Use The VelaShape 3

You eat right, you do squats every day, and the elliptical machine is considered one of your best friends. However, no matter how much work you do, it can seem like you’ll never get rid of that cellulite on your legs. Because cellulite can be genetic, your body will store fat deposits differently than others. […]

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