Don’t Let Cellulite Get You Down: Use The VelaShape 3

Bikini LadyYou eat right, you do squats every day, and the elliptical machine is considered one of your best friends. However, no matter how much work you do, it can seem like you’ll never get rid of that cellulite on your legs. Because cellulite can be genetic, your body will store fat deposits differently than others. If you’re looking for a way to rid your body of cellulite while simultaneously tightening yours skin, consider the VelaShape 3.


What is the VelaShape 3?


The VelaShape 3 is a noninvasive procedure that is clinically proven to reduce and even eliminate the appearance of cellulite on the thighs. The VelaShape 3 uses radio frequency and vacuum suction to reduce the volume of cellulite and break up fatty areas. By smoothing out the rippled cellulite, and simultaneously tightening the skin, the VelaShape 3 requires no down time, or change in exercise or diet behaviours.


Does it Hurt?

Because of its noninvasive nature, the Velashape 3 isn’t a painful procedure and can be done on your lunchbreak or even before work.  Each treatment session typically takes under an hour and so you can be in and out of the doctors office in no time. If you’re worried about the pain of the procedure, take a deep breath and relax because there isn’t any.


What are the side-effects?

Some people experience redness or bruising after the procedure but that typically goes away within a few days. If for some reason, you are having severe side-effects, make sure to consult your doctor right away and let them know of your adverse side effects.


How Fast Will I See Results?

Depending on how severe your cellulite is, some people see results after just one treatment. However, if your cellulite is fairly bad, you probably won’t start seeing results until after a few treatments. In your initial consultation, your doctor should be able to estimate how many procedures are required to help get rid of your cellulite.


If you’re getting fed up with your cellulite, and just can’t take it anymore, it’s time to consider the VelaShape 3. To learn more about the VelaShape 3 and how to get rid of your unwanted cellulite, schedule an appointment today!


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