Why you should choose Skin MD and Beyond for oxygen infusion therapy

Dr. Fiona Wright and her team at Skin MD and Beyond work closely with patients to help them in finding the best solutions for their skin and body. Many men and women visit our practice for facials, including our highly desirable oxygen infusion therapy.

What is oxygen infusion therapy?

At Skin MD and Beyond, we are excited to offer oxygen infusion therapy to our patients who are seeking the best solutions for their skin and body. This treatment uses pure oxygen along with a unique rejuvenation serum that provides immediate improvements to patients of all skin types while improving elasticity, hydration, and texture. Oxygen also restores the skin at a cellular level, promoting a more youthful appearance and brilliant, beautiful skin tone and texture. It can be used along with other treatments, including microneedling and microdermabrasion for dramatic enhancement.

What other facial treatments are available at Skin MD and Beyond?

In addition to oxygen infusion therapies, we also provide alternative treatments designed for patients of all skin types. These include:

  • European signature facial
  • Exfoliating treatments
  • Blemish control
  • Hydrating collagen facial
  • Complexion lightening facial
  • Just for men facial
  • Cool and clean teen facial

Which facial is right for me?

Dr. Fiona Wright and her providers can help patients select the facial most appropriate for their needs. Some of these are designed for specific problems, such as our complexion lightening facial and blemish control treatment, while others provide overall enhancement and exfoliation. We encourage patients to speak to us about the problems they are experiencing with their skin to decide which treatment is most appropriate for their needs.

Learn more about oxygen infusion therapy for your skin

If you live in the area of Plano, TX and want to speak to a provider about the benefits of oxygen infusion therapy, we strongly encourage you to book a consultation visit with our team by calling (972) 608-0808. Dr. Fiona Wright and the team at Skin MD and Beyond look forward to meeting with you at the practice, conveniently located at 6517 Preston Road, to speak to you about the goals you have for your skin and body. Working with our team of dedicated professionals, you can care for yourself and your skin knowing you are in great hands! We welcome new and established patients to visit our facility for general and cosmetic dermatology treatments and services.

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