How lash and brow tinting can enhance your appearance

If you’re dealing with grooming your lashes and eyebrows every day, the team at Skin MD and Beyond encourages you to think about the benefits of eyelash and eyebrow tinting! Dr. Fiona Wright of Plano, TX is here to assist in contouring and defining your lashes and brows with longer-lasting options such as tinting. These treatments can help your natural beauty shin through, boosting definition for a look that can turn heads!

Our eyelash and eyebrow tinting services offer patients a pop of color and definition that can last up to six weeks, providing maintenance-free color for more time spent enjoying life and less time dealing with thin brows and lashes. Patients also find that they save significant money on cosmetics as they no longer need to use them. This makes these treatments an investment in one’s appearance.

Are the results natural?

Our team has experience in providing effective solutions for patients who want to look and feel their best. We use time-tested methods to ensure application and tinting is both safe and effective. Working under a doctor allows our patients to rest easy knowing that they are under the care of our trusted team. We walk patients through the process so they know what to expect, and follow necessary precautions to protect the eyes and keep them self from start to finish.

How much does lash and brow tinting cost?

To get an accurate estimate for the cost of your upcoming treatment, we strongly recommend scheduling an assessment with Dr. Fiona Wright of Skin MD and Beyond. During this appointment, she can evaluate your concerns, listen to your aesthetic goals, and provide appropriate recommendations that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Enjoy customized results with lash and brow tinting at Skin MD and Beyond!

If you’re ready to make a statement with a longer-lasting solution compared to mascara and brow pencils, Dr. Fiona Wright encourages you to make an appointment at her practice to learn more about lash and brow tinting! Call (972) 608-0808 to request a consultation visit at Skin MD and Beyond in Plano, TX, conveniently located at 6517 Preston Road.

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