Treating urinary incontinence without surgery

Close-up beautiful slim girl in a pink bikini on the ocean beach. Sexy tanned body, flat stomach, perfect figure. Holidays on a tropical island. Gold accessories. place for text. Copy spaceWomen bothered by stress urinary incontinence, also known as SUI, may find themselves embarrassed by their condition. Instead of living in silence, women need to be more open about their concerns with their primary care provider. With a proper diagnosis, patients in the Plano, TX area can then seek effective treatment. For many women who visit Skin MD and Beyond, the idea of treating the condition with no pain, downtime, or surgery sounds inviting. This is when our team might encourage patients to consider the benefits of ThermiVa! 

Understanding how ThermiVa works 

Dr. Fiona Wright of Skin MD and Beyond utilizes ThermiVa to help women improve their stress urinary incontinence. It works by using radio frequency energy administered through a wand-like device. The radio frequency energy is temperature controlled, and warms the inner tissues of the vaginal canal. In doing so, it stimulates tightening and firming of the external and internal vaginal tissues with time thanks to the production of collagen in the area.  In doing so, it reduces stress urinary incontinence. 

Who can benefit from ThermiVa? 

Stress urinary incontinence is not only improved with ThermiVa. In fact, other concerns can be addressed with the use of ThermiVa. Women might want to consider this treatment if they are experiencing any of the following: 

  • Chronic vaginal infections
  • Chronic vaginitis
  • Loose tissues after vaginal childbirth
  • Elasticity of the skin due to the natural aging process
  • Overactive bladder during perimenopause or menopause

Is ThermiVa right for me? 

The fastest way to find out if you are an ideal candidate for ThermiVa is to book a consultation appointment and initial evaluation with Dr. Fiona Wright of Skin MD and Beyond. 

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Fiona Wright and her team 

At Skin MD and Beyond, our Plano, TX area professionals are excited to offer a wide selection of medical, elective, and cosmetic treatments for the skin and body. If you are struggling with maintaining stress urinary incontinence and want to find a nonsurgical solution, now is the time to contact Dr. Fiona Wright to discuss options such as ThermiVa. Call (972) 608-0808 to request an appointment.  

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